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Water Treatment

Our manufacturing operations adhere to strict international quality standards, and those that serve the U.S. and Canada potable water industry are NSF certified. We service our customers via dedicated carrier fleets, rail or direct pipeline, and all of our plants have rail capabilities. We support our products with experienced field representatives, backed by industry experts at our Syracuse, NY Technical Center. Our personnel are active in a wide variety of industry organizations dedicated to clean drinking water and the improvement and protection of our natural water resources. All of these efforts combine to ensure the consistent, high quality of materials entering and leaving water treatment facilities.

General Chemical manufactures one of the broadest ranges of coagulants in North America. Our diverse product selection can be grouped into families, shown in the matrix below.

Alum Clar+Ion® Acid Alum Poly- aluminum Chloride (PACl) Aluminum Chloro- hydrate (ACH) Aluminum Chloride Hyper+Ion® CAL~FLO® Ferric Sulfate/ Chloride Fer+Ion®
Algae Control                
Alkalinity Source              
Aluminum Residual Reduction                
BOD Removal        
Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT)    
Coagulation/ Flocculation Agent  
Cold Water and
Improved Cold
Water Treatment
Color Reduction        
Corrosion Control                  
Byproduct Control
H2S Removal and
Odor Control
Lagoon Treatment                
Lake Treatment and Restoration                  
Lime Softening                  
Membrane/ Desalination Applications                  
Nutrient Removal                  
Oily Waste and Heavy Metal Separation            
pH Adjustment                  
Phosphorus Control          
Residue Minimization (Sludge Reduction)          
Sludge Conditioning/ Thickening and Dewatering                
Stormwater Treatment        
Struvite Control            
Suspended Solids Removal    
Total Organic Carbon Removal/Reduction      
Wastewater Clarification
Water Clarification


Being a well known, reliable supplier to the water treatment business has allowed us to expand our product line recently to include:

Liquid Ammonium Sulfate (LAS) – eliminates hazardous ammonia gas used for chloramine formation

Copper Sulfate/ Aqua-Ox – controls algae and minimizes water quality impact

Genhib® - controls corrosion in potable water distribution systems

Citric Acid – membrane cleaning product

Sodium Nitrite Technical Liquor, GenClear-N – hydrogen sulfide odor control product


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