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Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite is used in many industrial applications including the manufacturing of diazo dyes, and other organic compounds used in the manufacture of organic pigments for the paint, dye and printing ink industries. In metal processing it is used for phosphatizing and detinning applications. As a molten salt bath it is used in heat treating of metal parts in the automotive and aircraft industries and as a high temperature heat transfer medium. It is also used in the manufacture of synthetic rubbers and rubber chemicals. Due to its anti-corrosion properties Sodium Nitrite solution is also used as a heat transfer fluid in Thermal Energy Storage units for large air-conditioning or process cooling applications.


Sodium Nitrite, with chemical formula NaNO2, is a pale straw-colored material that is very soluble in water. It is available as a dry product or solution. The dry product is available as a High Purity grade in granular or flake form, as Free-Flowing Technical and Free-Flowing Food Grade in granular form, and as Crystal Reagent, ACS grade.

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