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Ferric Sulfate

Ferric Salts are used in many different municipal and industrial applications.  In water and wastewater treatment operations, ferric salts are used as coagulants or flocculants for water clarification, odor control to minimize hydrogen sulfide release, for phosphorus removal, and as a sludge thickening, conditioning and dewatering agent.


Liquid Ferric Sulfate is a red-brown aqueous solution that is typically sold as a 50% or 60% strength solution, on a dry basis.  Based on ferric iron (Fe+3) contents of 10% and 12% respectively for the two concentrations of liquid ferric sulfate, the formula for dry ferric sulfate would be Fe2(SO4)3•8.8H2O.  The maximum concentration as ferric iron is approximately 13% in commercial liquid products.

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