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Alum - Food Grade

As a high-purity material, our food grade aluminum sulfate (alum) products meet all Food Chemicals Codex specifications.  


Food grade alum is available as dry and liquid products.  Food grade liquid alum is a clear, colorless aqueous solution. Food grade dry alum is white in color and is available in powdered and ground forms.

Food Grade Dry Alum

Food Chemicals Codex Requirements
General Chemical Typical Analysis
Dry Alum Assay*
Alkalis and Alkaline Earths  
 About 0.4%
 0.22% max.
Ammonium Salts
Passes Test
Passes Test
Lead (Pb)
<3 ppm
 <0.5 ppm
*as Al2(SO4)3•14H2O

Food Grade Liquid Alum

Food Chemicals Codex Requirements Basis 
General Chemical Typical Analysis
Assay as Al2O3
8.0 - 8.2% 
Alkalis and Alkaline Earths   
 About 0.22%
0.11% max
Ammonium Salts
Passes Test
Passes Test
Lead (Pb)
<1.5 ppm
<0.3 ppm

Typical Uses

  • Pickles/Relish: Firming agent
  • Puddings: Anticaking and thickening agent
  • Soft Drinks/Beer: Remineralizes and clarifies water to help ensure uniform taste
  • Canning: pH control for beets, tomatoes, and other vegetables
  • Sugar beet liquors: Clarification
  • Wines/Liquors: pH control and colorant agent
  • Cake Mixes: Leavening agent
  • Cheeses: Curdling and thickening agent
  • Food Chemicals: Source of aluminum for such chemicals as sodium aluminum sulfate, aluminum stearate, and aluminum silicate
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