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Poultry litter treatment

Al+Clear® products are applied to litter and pads for ammonia control and have been shown to improve weight gain, enhance feed conversion, improve paw health, and reduce mortality rates.  Hence, Al+Clear® provides benefits to both the grower and the integrator. Also, the reduction of volatile ammonia reduces the need to overventilate in order to maintain a generally accepted safe level of 25 ppm or less of ammonia in poultry houses.  This results in a reduction in propane and electrical energy costs.  Al+Clear® products also qualify for EPA/NRCS Environmental Quality Improvement Programs (EQIP) air quality funding, an EPA/NRCS program that promotes the use of litter acidifiers in an attempt to encourage poultry producers to improve air quality by subsidizing the cost of litter acidifiers.  Al+Clear® products are the only products approved in states that have EPA/NRCS air and water or water only quality standards.

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